About Us

Le Pure - a new, friendly, cosy and exclusive Beauty & Health spa at Permas Mall. Set in modern design with different themes in each and every room.It's a heaven to indulge your senses and be drifted away to paradise. Be pampered and be served by our well trained therapists who will treat you like royalty. Exclusive, priviledge and above all, complete serenity to totally relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Le Pure uses only the best product - DECLEOR from Paris with 100% & Natural plant extract; the best there is, in beauty and spa treatment. Each and every treatment is a unique sensation - completely refreshing, totally relaxing and above all, quality service with great value for money!

Its an experience that you would want to enjoy in a clean and nice ambience with warm personalized service that will put a smile on your face. At Le Pure, we treasure and value our customers and setting the standard that even others talk about. Le Pure - Where Only The Best Will Do!

Le Pure是PermasMall里一间崭新的美容及Spa保养沙龙。它以亲切,舒适及独树一帜著称,再搭配上新颖及每个房间皆不同主题设计,是你卸下压力的避风港,让您尽情享受 Le Pure 细心为您准备属于您个人的疗程。
Le Pure只提供最好的产品,即法国巴黎的Decleor品牌。他最拿手的就是美容及Spa疗程,每一次的护理都是种特别的感觉,清爽,彻底放松,最重要的是让你物有所值,获得最高品质的服务。
LE Pure提供最私人空间,也将献上最细心的服务,专业的护肤疗程,效果的保证!这一切,肯定可以让你带着笑脸离开。
Le Pure-- Where Only The Best Will Do!